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Our Family Tradition

Sexton Farms is a 4th generation family owned and operated farm that was established in 1960. We are located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Northwestern North Carolina, and Southwestern Virginia which has the ideal climate for growing Fraser fir Christmas trees as well as a full line of autumn products ranging from pumpkins to ornamental gourds.

Our Family Promise

Sexton Farms has been in business for over 50 years. We realize the importance of developing long term relationships with our customers which starts by providing only the highest quality products, service, and standing behind every product with our "freshness guarantee."

Our Story

Byron Sexton Byron Sexton, considered a pioneer in the Fraser fir Christmas tree industry, was known for his creative thoughts and eccentric ideas. In 1960, after observing trees in the wild being cut and taken home for a fresh, aromatic Christmas tree. He decided to take a chance on setting Fraser fir trees hoping a market could be developed to underwrite a sustainable business. The story goes... upon talking to a local agriculture extension agent regarding his idea to set out Fraser fir Christmas trees, the recommended suggestion was to try "one acre" just to see how it goes. He informed them that he just set eighty acres and was taking a chance that the Fraser fir Christmas tree just might have a really bright future! Byron Sexton was making his living as a tobacco farmer while taking a chance on the Fraser fir. He needed a partner to help with expenses being incurred. Who's better able to be your partner than your own son?

The Beginning

Kenneth Sexton was Byron's oldest son and a store manager for the Roses chain in the 60's and 70's. As the partnership formed, Kenneth and his wife Joann sent money to support the new venture, and threw themselves into learning more about the budding Christmas tree industry and the Fraser fir tree.
After a rotation had grown and the business had taken off Kenneth put in for an early retirement and moved his family back to the mountains to take over the Christmas tree business. Kenneth was on numerous boards in the Christmas tree industry, and was one of the founders of the North Carolina Tree Association Fraser fir Promotional Committee. He worked tirelessly to promote the Fraser fir and for all the people, like himself, that had chosen to make this a way of life.
As the business continued to grow with the popularity of the Fraser fir Christmas tree growing virtually across the US, it became necessary to have more people involved to sustain the business. Greg and James, Kenneth's sons, had worked in the Christmas tree fields ever since they were old enough to work. Upon graduating college, both decided to stay in the family business. As both, Greg and James say "it gets into your blood".

A Family Tradition

Today, Greg and James share the responsibilities of running the family business. Greg and wife, Robin, have three sons, Andrew, Matthew and Thomas who all plan on continuing the business their great-grandfather started over fifty years ago. Andrew and Matthew are currently in college (Thomas in high school) and upon graduating will join the company and as you can imagine they all have plenty of experience since they have been in Christmas trees all their lives.

We are very fortunate to have added other family members to our staff with Tim Sexton, youngest son of Byron Sexton who works daily with sales and service along with his two children Ryan Sexton who works with our transportation and maintenance support and Whitney Sexton, our office receptionist and logistics' controller. Also, in our office family, we have adopted Rebecca Eldreth who serves as our manager of accounting and finance.

Also, in our farm family, we have our long-time Quality-Control Manager, Ken Guyton, who has worked with us almost twenty years and John Hodges our dedicated Farm Supervisor and Harvest Manager. We are fortunate to have the expertise of long-time farming brothers, Timmy and Billy Roten who run the day-to-day schedules of the various farms.

Well, that is our story. We are blessed to be able to work with our family in a business, that ultimately brings happiness into many homes as families gather together to put up their Christmas tree.

The story continues...